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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have - Maya Angelou"

About me

Welcome to my website, how nice of you to take a look!


My name is Angelique and I live with my husband and two sons in Losser, a village near the German border.

As a child I was creative every day: I loved to craft and draw and my mother taught me to knit and crochet. A few years ago, in 2017, I picked up crocheting again and started to come up with my own designs.

Inventing new amigurumi makes me very happy. Many of my creations have dots and/or stripes; I like to apply designs to create a playful effect. In addition, I think it is important that the designs have a cheerful or sweet appearance so that you are happy when you look at them! I also think it is very important that the patterns are easy to follow and nice to crochet, so that it is not a task to make your own stuffed animal, but a fun project that you enjoy while making.

There are free coloring pages available of a number of amigurumi's. Just like crocheting, coloring is also very fun and relaxing to do, perhaps together with one of your children or grandchildren.

I wish you lots of crocheting and coloring fun! 

(Portrait photos: Ytsma Photography, Losser)

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