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Long Legs Amigurumi

Sweet Long Legs to crochet yourself

This cheerful crochet book is full of amigurumi with long legs. They are cozy lanky crochet animals, with lots of stripes and dots. It is precisely the long limbs that give the animals something special. Small children can easily grab the cuddly toys here. Or the animals are sitting nicely swinging their legs on the windowsill or cupboard.

The basis of the Longs Legs is always the same. So if you've already made one, the next one crochets away wonderfully. Because of the different details, such as the ears, the snout and the tail, every amigurumi is different and crocheters will like to make more than one. They can choose from Amelie the French Dalmatian, Mia the colorful llama, Bibi the flower goat, Feline the friendly fox, Charlie and Cato the fire rhinos, Olivia the dancing hippo, Polly the heart horse, Bo the brown bear and Suus, the sweet pig.

Price: 18.99 euro
Number of pages: 80
Edition: paperback
ISBN: 9789000385386
Language: Dutch
Photography Long Legs: Photography Gerhard Witteveen


Order your 'Long Legs Amigurumi' here and the book will be delivered to your home nicely wrapped!

Would you like a signed copy? Then indicate this under 'add note', I will be happy to sign it for you. 

Available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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